Swagger is turning 2.0

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Goals for the next generation


2.0 is the opportunity to improve what we call things in the Swagger specification—one of the hardest problems in computer science1.

API design-first workflow

A human-friendly YAML syntax and editor make it easy to create an API spec from scratch.

Extending the metadata

Grow the format to include SLA information, vendor extensions, and other useful metadata.

Best-of-breed tooling

Code generation and Swagger UI will get a major refresh following the new spec.

File Icons

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What is the timeframe?

The formation of a working group was announced by Tony Tam at Gluecon on May 22, 2014. The goal is to have a draft spec in June for finalization in July.

Who is behind the working group?

Reverb is convening the group with Apigee as a founding member.
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How big a deal is this?

Swagger is estimated to have around 10,000 deployments in production. The Java client alone has been downloaded over 500k times. Swagger means business.

How can I help?

We're looking for designers, developers, and people who just think a lot about APIs. If that sounds like you, then come help a great, open source project get even better.